God Loves. US


For God so Loved the World that he gave is only begotten son that

Whosoever BELIEVED in HIM should not perish but have





We Hope to bring God's Love into your home, in the future we will be

updating may things on our page but this is a beginning.

Hi My name is Mike and I am a Pastor of a small church in

Southwest Virginia.  There are many ways that God can help you if you

only listen to him and his teachings.  This web page for now is listing

other pages and words of encouragement.  I am listing pages as I come

across them, and I think they can be of some good use.  If you know of any please

contact me with the web page or information and I will do my best to

share it with the world.

Check out the links

Gods Yellow Pages        Handy Chart for your questions

  STORIES     New Stories check them out

The Yellow Shirt          Story of the Month

The Pastor and his Son    Last Months Story of the Month (this is one of my favorites)

Johns Biography of Jesus

Church Listings   PSALMS 23    Religious Clip Art   Links  Emergency Numbers

Is the Bible the Word of God   Jesus Christ is he God or Man?

Smile God Loves You   

Daily Verse from Bible Promise

Religious Jokes

Click on the VT picture to read the prayer of one VT alumni



Remember God Loves . US    each and every one



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